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Metexim has tremendous experience in servicing global customers from its own factories and the very best and most ideal sources in India and from for over a decade. This is because of its double advantage of technological expertise on the one hand and cost-efficient, skilled labour on the other.


Metexim has a solid track record of providing a wide range of superior quality made-to-order industrial components from ISO9000 / TS16949 certified sources in India for original equipment manufacturers. At Metexim, we offer a unique combination of offshore buying benefits that include precision-oriented quality, highly competitive pricing, quick response, rapid development and on-time delivery.

Our major contribution is our dedication to promote your business in the market. Going by success rate, you have reason to feel secure and reassured. Our approach to the task is totally professional and we have the resources, infrastructure and wherewithal to ensure market penetration of your range in the most competitive environment. We are absolutely keyed-in to the vicissitudes of the trade, which we have mastered and perfected through sheer perseverance and competence. And in this process we have built a cache of trust and goodwill that give your business a head start.

Client Speak

"Mr.D.K.R from USA" – Excellent quality assurance are a major selling tool that differential Metexim from your competitors.

"Mr.D.A.W from USA"- Top notch professional at all levels of the organization compressed lead time & development on new projects. Thank you for your support!! !

"Mr.M.K.E from England" Metexim was very well presented to our company all the staff are very professional and qualified

"Mr.K.C.C From USA" - We appreciate your work and kindness thank you!!

"Mr. J.i From CL" - Thanks for all your outstanding support we look forward to doing business with you.

"Mr.B.o.b From England" - Again Metexim was demonstrated their professionalism and very responsible nature to support their customers. They are a world class supplier Thank you for your support!!!

"Mr.J.e.a From France"- Thank you very much for you supported . I hope we works long time with you

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