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Sand,  Shell Mould, Investment, Centrifugal, Permanent Mould and Die Castings. Sand Castings:Irons Grey,Malleable and Ductile (SG) all grades

  • Steel- carbon, alloy, stainless
  • 0.5 kg to 300 kgs machined and un machined

Investment Castings:

  • Carbon steel, stainless steels and alloys
  • 50 gms to 20 kgs
  • Permanent Mold / Die Castings
  • Aluminium. Zinc (Zamak) and their alloys
  • Shell Mold Castings
  • Irons,Steels and their alloys


Hot Forging

  • Open Die, Closed Die
  • Cold Forming
  • Forging, Heading, Coining
  • Raw materials include various grades of plain carbon,
  • alloy and stainless steel, aluminum, brass and their alloys

Forming Extrusion

  • Hot and Cold
  • Drawing
  • Hot and Cold
  • Press Work 
  • Blanking,Piercing Deep Drawing and others
  • Carbon Steel,
  • Stainless Steel & Spring Steel
  • Thrust washers,
  • Bushes,
  • Circlips from sheet & wire

Vertical & horizontal machining centres, turning centres and others

Screw Machines
Single spindle and multi spindle Automats, Sliding Head Automats and others


Conventional & Precision Machines
Tool Room grade lathes, milling, nding, Honing, Jig Boring, Wire Cgriut, EDM, Spark Erosion Gear hobbing, spline rolling

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