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Business with metexim

Metexim is a marketing organization with an international network. With over two decades in the international scene, metexim has built up excellent infrastructure and manpower resource to handle enormous business volumes, further it has developed a superior technology base that caters to the highest international standards. Above all the company has acquired financial savvy that is indispensable in today's commercial scenario. And all this is available to you.

Why Metexim?

Our major contribution is our dedication to promote your business in the market. Going by success rate, you have reason to feel secure and reassured. Our approach to the task is totally professional and we have the resources, infrastructure and wherewithal to ensure market penetration of your range in the most competitive environment. We are absolutely keyed-in to the vicissitudes of the trade, which we have mastered and perfected through sheer perseverance and competence. And in this process we have built a cache of trust and goodwill that give your business a head start. We have a store of data and information specific to you product range and that means quick and remunerative results. And we work in concert with you to streamline the flow from your shop floor to our customer.

What is your part as Supplier?

You fulfill your tasks in turning out the goods and we'll execute our commitment in ensuring it reaches its desired destination. And together, let's set about giving your buyer the best deal ever while making it a lucrative proposition for ourselves

How does this site help Suppliers?

You get first hand information: As soon as customers place RFQs, you can browse through the various requirements and based on your capabilities select the products, view their respective drawings and other specifications and accordingly submit your best quotation. You can get technical clarifications cleared out, and even get other data pertaining to the specific products. You will receive Purchase Orders online and give status information over the web.


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